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The simple description of the cause of action in this endorsed complaint, “failure to provide proper services,” belies the difficult legal and human issues that are presented by this claim by a daughter, on behalf of her incompetent mother, against the brother and wife who took the mother in, and against the agency that provided home care services.

Plaintiff DJ is the guardian of the person and property of SN, who is now 75 years old and resides in River Manor Care Home. As described in the order appointing Ms. DJ to serve as her mother’s guardian, mother SN “suffered a stroke that has rendered her aphasic she has partial paralysis, can no longer swallow. she is nonambulatory her cognition is nonexistent and she suffers from hyperthyroidism and vascular dementia.” From February 1998 until October 2001, mother SN resided with her son, defendant RN, and his wife, defendant JN. During that period, she received home care services from defendant Rockaway Home Attendant Services, Inc., a licensed home care services agency. In October 2001, mother SN was hospitalized for a month, and then transferred to the nursing home.

Ms. DJ alleges that mother SN was neglected by RN and JN and by Rockaway in that, among other things, she was not properly medicated, and was not given adequate food and water, with the result that she suffered serious physical harm. Ms. DJ was supported at trial in these charges by two sisters, Alice Gordon and Linda SN-Watts. Of course, Mr. and Ms. SN and Rockaway deny the allegations. The Newtons contend that this lawsuit is a manifestation of guilt on the part of Ms. DJ and her two sisters because they did not sufficiently attend to their mother when she was in a position to appreciate their attendance.

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