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On or about October 8, 2004, petitioner commenced a proceeding pursuant to Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law for the appointment of a Guardian for his father, respondent an Alleged Incapacitated Person. The Petition alleged that as the result of a stroke occurring during a routine cardiac catherization, respondent (age 51) was currently residing in PENINSULA HOSPITAL CENTER (Head Trauma Unit), Far Rockaway, New York, in a “minimally responsive condition” and that he required assistance with all activities of daily living. Following a hearing conducted herein, the Court appointed the Petitioner, and his mother as the Co-Guardians for the Personal Needs and Property Management of respondent, an Incapacitated Person, by Order and Judgment dated February 7, 2005.

During the ensuing years, respondent was transferred to PARK TERRACE REHABILITATION AND NURSING CENTER, Corona, New York for further rehabilitation, and ultimately discharged to his residence in Great Neck, New York. At home, the Co-Guardians utilized the assistance of MAXIM HEALTH CARE SERVICES, INC. to provide full-time home health care for him.

A Nassau Visitation Lawyer said that, by Decision and Order dated September 26, 2005, the Court denied an application to transfer to the mother certain property belonging to the Incapacitated Person with leave to renew upon notice to the NASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES, a necessary and interested party to such application. As the Court stated in such Decision and Order, “where the co-guardians seek to transfer investment property and an interest in a business to the community spouse, as well as income, in anticipation of the incapacitated person applying for Medicaid benefits, the local department social services is a necessary party and they should be heard on the issue of such transfers being exempt from any Medicaid penalty period. Cf. Mental Hygiene Law §81.07(g)(1)(v).”

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