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This case was about a couple whose divorce was finalized in 2007. In their marriage, they had one child who was given to the father’s custody. In the divorce judgment, a marital settlement was also included. Because of the big difference in the income of the mother and father, the bulk of the expenses for the child was assigned to the father. The mother was to cover for the medical and dental insurance of their child, said a New York Family Lawyer. The mother was given visitation of at least forty percent of the overnights. This is subject to certain conditions. The first was for the mother to have psychological evaluation, and she should attend an on-going psychological or psychiatric counseling. The second is to have mother’s home inspected frequently for home and overnight visitation.

According to a Nassau County Family Lawyer, the father asked the court to modify the judgment. He asked this a year after the divorce. This was to have the mother pay child support because he claims to have suffered a serious injury, which lowered his income significantly. In his petition, he alleged that the child’s needs also increased, and the mother’s financial status has improved. In response, the mother said she was the one entitled to receive child support after the time-sharing was adjusted. The mother filed a motion for summary judgment, and a hearing officer recommended that it should be granted and to have the father pay $182 for should support. The Circuit Court adapted the recommendation and denied the father’s motion to vacate.

The case was submitted to the Court of Appeals for review. For a summary judgment to be allowed, the court says there should be no disputed issues of material fact and the party asking for it is entitled as a matter of law. In this case, the father did not meet the requirements. The decision was based on the assumption that a parent spends a substantial amount of time with the child. Meaning, the time spent is at least forty percent of the overnights per year. The parent’s agreement was already such, and that cannot be disputed, said a New York Visitation Lawyer.

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New York Divorce Lawyer Reports: Woman Runs over Husband’s Ex-Wife.

At a local ball park in Alabama, a woman subjected at least seventy witnesses, many of whom were young children, to the horrific scene of her running over her husband’s ex-wife and daughter – not once, but three times.

Police say the 43-year-old woman is charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of reckless endangerment. She was released on bond. It is possible that the woman will have additional charges brought against her.

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