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Child Left in Car While Mother Does Drugs, says New York Family Law Lawyer


A one year old child was left trapped inside a car while his mother went inside to smoke marijuana, reports a New York Family Law Lawyer. The mother was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, and endangering the welfare of a child. The child’s father was contacted and since the incident the boy has been released to his father’s custody and care.

It was a Good Samaritan passing by that first noticed the child alone and unattended in the car. The child had been left there for at least 40 minutes, notes a New York Family Law Lawyer. The police rushed to the scene, saw the child, and immediately proceeded to the home. There, they confronted the mother and asked her what happened. Her reply was that she had only left the boy in the car for five minutes. From there, the police noticed the strong, specific smell of marijuana. They then found a small pipe as they searched the premise, said a New York Family Law Lawyer. The woman’s defense was that she was using the pipe because he was not feeling well. She did not offer an excuse nor explanation for why she had to leave her son in the car while she smoked marijuana.

From there, the police did what they had to do and placed the woman under arrest. She became violent and lashed out at the well meaning police officers. She attempted to forcefully kick, forcefully punch, and forcefully strike at anyone within distance, reports a New York Family Law Lawyer. Thankfully, no one injured. There were no reports of the child being harmed.

The woman was held over night in jail.

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