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Court Rules on Grandparent Visitation


Every New York Family Lawyer has somehow encountered the common case of a grandparent seeking for visitation rights of his or her grandchildren. And in some states in the country, it becomes all the more complicated since some laws do not allow such visitation when one of the parents would like their privacy to be respected. The mother of the child involved in this case who was kept unnamed already filed a paternity action for child support from the father but he also sought visitation rights for his own mother.

It is important to note according to the that the child who is a minor was born right out of wedlock. If this is the case, there is a great chance that the child can be allowed to be visited too by the grandparents. But it is the right of any of the parents to not allow this especially when it comes to the aspect of familial privacy. This term about the rights of the parent to raise their kids without others interfering in the way. If there comes a time that they get into a disagreement, it should be taken to court and they will be the one to decide which would be best for the child.

Some researches done by a respected Nasau County Divorce Lawyer that there are cases visitation rights are given to parents only if it would be the best interest for the child involved. And it is very important to note that this scenario would only be allowed if the parents have both left their right for familial privacy by letting the court settle whatever disagreement they may have. But if it is the court’s decision to allow the grandparent to visit regularly, then this does not violate any of the parents’ privacy rights.

In the end with this case between Daphne Spence and Erica Stewart, the court allowed the grandparents visitation rights because the parents of the kids were not married. The court only looks after the best interest of the child that it would help the kid a lot to have additional support from a close relative. With the father being the parent on this case to appear more responsible than the mother, then the paternal grandparent of the kids has all the right to show concern too to their own grandchild.

Child visitation rights for grandparents can be truly complicated according to any New York Order for Protection Lawyer. It is very important that you do the right steps properly for if not, the consequences you would face can be overly devastating. You may end up not having any right to visit your grandkids which is very unfortunate. It helps a lot if you would do your own research first or seek the help of a credible law office like Stephen Bilkis & Associates. You can be sure to find an expert legal guidance to help you out understand more the details of your case. Whether you need assistance with a child support matter, a paternity suit, or a grandparent’s rights case, we are here to provide legal guidance and a free consultation. We have office locations throughout the New York area, including locations in Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We also have locations in Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island, and Westchester County.

It is not that easy to obtain your visitation rights especially if you are a grandparent but it can be much easier if you would try getting in touch with our office. Even when you fail the first time, you should never give up easily for this is what your lawyer would advise you to do as well. In every legal proceeding, a lot of courage is beneficial especially if it is your loved ones and your time with them is the thing that is at stake. Just make sure that you always keep the best interest of your grandchildren into consideration at all times.

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