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Agnostic man enraged over losing custody and accuses courts of Religious bias reports New York Family Lawyers


A 29-year old man plans to appeal a court’s child-custody decision because he believes it was a
religious-based decision according to New York Family Lawyers.

The ruling states that the man and his wife did not have the same religious upbringing but when the
agnostic man had participated in the Christian Faith, they had communicated better as a couple. The
wife was awarded full custody according to New York Family Lawyers.

The court commissioner in the case claims his decision was in the children’s best interest and he felt it
would be more stable for the children to be in an environment where education, Religion and other
upbringing choices weren’t an arguable issue.

“The case law requires me to make a decision whether or not he parties can communicate effectively
about these matters and others concerning their children,” he said and added, “I have never rendered a
decision concerning custody on the basis of one of the parents’ religious beliefs.”

The disappointed father claimed he never got involved or interfered with his children’s religious upbringing,
“I don’t understand how religion was even a factor when it shouldn’t have been,” he said and added “I lost
my children due to courtroom games and religious bias.”

The wife’s attorney argued that religious education was only one of the many factors considered in the
custody case and that education, childcare, parenting philosophies, and health care were all taken into
consideration as well.

According to a law professor at Indiana University any reference to the man’s religious beliefs “would be
clearly unconstitutional unless the parent’s religious practices were actually harming the children.”

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