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Father Loses Parental Rights


This case deals a dependent child under the age of eighteen years old. The respondent and appellant in the case is Frank G. The petitioner and respondent in the matter are the Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau.

A New York Family Lawyer said that Frank G. is appealing an order that was made in the Bronx County Family Court by Judge Carol Ann Stokinger. The order was entered around the 22nd of June, 2009 and determined that the respondent father had permanently neglected the child. The father’s parental rights were terminated by the order and custody of and guardianship of the child was given jointly to the New York City Commissioner of Social Services and the petitioner agency.

Case Discussion and Decision

When reviewing the case the evidence shows that the petitioner had made numerous efforts to reunite the child with the child. Drug treatment and other service referrals were provided to the father as well as visitation arrangements. A New York Custody Lawyer said the respondent, by his own admission, failed to remain drug free and he lived with the mother who was also a drug user. The respondent did not object to medical records being issued as evidence into the case, which included drug test results.

There is no point to challenging the original order as the father admitted to drug abuse and admitted that he never completed a drug treatment program. It is clear that he permanently neglected the child.

The termination of the parental rights of the respondent was properly founded and the order is affirmed. The child is free for adoption by her foster mother with whom she has lived with since infancy.

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