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Jaime Pressly splits from husband, a New York Family Lawyer says.


Jaime Pressly has not had a great year so far.

It has only been three weeks since Pressly, 33, was pulled over under the suspicion of drinking and driving. Now, many close friends of Pressly say she and her husband, Simran Singh, are getting a divorce. Singh is an entertainment lawyer.

One source told UsMagazine that “They are done.” The couple was married September 2009 in Malibu. The small ceremony was with some of the couple’s closest friends. The couple have has been married for almost two years.

“It’s over,” another source said. “I don’t think they have officially filed anything yet though.” The sources were not able to give a reason for the break up, a New York Family Lawyer added.

Pressly, an actress who plays in the television show “My Name is Earl,” has a son name Dezi. Dezi is her three-year-old son. Singh is not the biological father of Dezi. Pressly’s ex-fiancé, Eric Cubiche, is Dezi’s father. Divorce cases in Brooklyn and Long Island are often decided by the presiding judges.

The source said that Pressly is more concerned about how Dezi will be affected by the split. “She doesn’t want to confuse him. Her baby is her top priority. She is a strong girl though and she will come out of this fine.” A child custody battle would add another dimension to the divorce if Singh did ask for custody. It is unclear if Singh adopted Dezi when the couple was married.

Other reports state that Pressly’s ex-fiancé may be trying to get custody of Dezi after this occurrence. Three weeks ago, Pressly was arrested under the notion of DUI, a New York City Family Lawyer reported. It is unclear if Cubiche will actually file for child custody.

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