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Judge grants McGreevey divorce, ordered to pay child support but no alimony


Former Gov. James E. McGreevey has to pay child support but not alimony ruled a judge in the sordid divorce case between the NJ Governor who came out as a gay man and his wife, Dina. Their marriage collapsed when he admitted that he was a “gay American” and had had an affair with a staffer. The staffer subsequently said that he was harassed and was not a willing sex partner of McGreevey’s.

According to a Queens Family Lawyer, McGreevey is studying to be an Episcopal priest and is claiming that he has little income and cannot pay.

The McGreeveys have been estranged since 2005. He resigned as govenor in 2004 admitting publicly that he is “a gay American” and that he had a sexual relationship with a man who worked on his staff. The staffer is on record and has averred that he was sexually harassed McGreevey.

The judge said that she was very disappointed in the feeling of hate between the two which were made public during the trial. She felt that these issues should have been kept private and not aired in a public forum such as a divorce proceeding.

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The judge decided that McGreevey does not owe Matos any commission on his tell-all book, “The Confession.” But Judge Cassidy ruled McGreevey owes his mate $109,000, which is one half of their worth.

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