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Dion pregnant with twins after fertility treatments


Celine Dion, 42, is now pregnant with twins. Even after five failed IVF attempts, she continued fertility treatments and even took advantage of other alternatives such as acupuncture. Her sixth fertility treatment was finally successful. Dion never gave up hope, however, and she is now fourteen weeks pregnant, says a New York Family Lawyer. Celine then had weekly sonograms for a time where she could hear the heartbeats of the twins. Now during her second trimester, she is faithfully following her doctor’s orders . She would even be willing to accept medical advice of bed rest until the twins are delivered which should be sometime in November of 2010 if she carries the twins to term. Thus far bed rest has not been deemed necessary.

The past year has been stressful for the singer as she traveled from her home in Florida to New York to obtain fertility treatments. The long process has affected Dion both physically and emotionally but she does have family support including her husband, Rene Angelil. Angelil has made a comment in regards to how difficult the treatments have been on his wifeís body . He also knew that Celine was determined to achieve her goal of becoming pregnant and expanding her family. The twins will be joining Dion and her husband as well as her nine year old son, Rene-Charles, reports a New York Family Lawyer.

Dion has put her family first in her life feeling that money and trophies are not as great an
accomplishment as being a mother. However, she does plan to continue her career staring next year. She is scheduled to begin a new show at Caesarís Palace in Las Vegas next year but official dates are pending.

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