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Former mistress accused of racism, says a Bronx Family Lawyer


Michelle McGee, the former mistress of Jesse James, attempted to defend recent photographs taken of her in Nazi regalia. She appeared on ETalk and was interviewed by Elaine Lui when she stated that she did not feel wearing the Nazi regalia was racist, according to New York Family Lawyers. However, she did admit that the costume could be considered a form of Anti-Semitism ìif that was the intention of putting the costume onî. McGee disagreed with interviewer Lui when it was pointed out that Anti-Semitism itself may be considered racist stating, ìI donít see it that wayî.

McGee also commented on Jesse Jamesí wife, Sandra Bullock, during her television interview. Bullock has recently filed for divorce after her husbandís infidelity became public. McGee stated that Sandra should be thankfulî for her exposing the infidelity that occurred between herself and Jesse James. Bullock found out about the affair when Michelle went public with the details.

McGee was in Toronto to perform work for a commercial when she appeared on the Toronto television show, ETalk to be interviewed. The commercial is for an online dating company geared towards adults that are already involved in a relationship.

Michelle is a single mother of two, she has two boys, and expressed to New York Family Lawyers that providing her children with a home and food was a priority. She admits that she is making money from the website. The profit she is benefiting from due to her involvement with the online dating website is significant in helping her to achieve the goal of supporting her children.

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