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Megan Fox Says “I do”, finally

It has been confirmed that Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green have finally tied the knot. Fox and Green were known for their on again, off again relationship that led to two engagements. The couple met on the set of “Hope & Faith” in 2004. Even though there is a 12 year age difference between the two Fox feels that dating someone in their 20’s is a waste of time. She feels that she connects with someone older whom she can have conversations with. The couples instability shows that a prenuptial agreement may be an option that they need to explore.

A New York Custody Lawyer points out that due to the amount of assets each of the stars have it would be best if a prenuptial agreement was taken into consideration. One never knows what the outcome of a marriage may be therefore, its best to take the necessary precautions beforehand.

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