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Billionaire’s Ex-Lover Tells All, Reports New York Family Lawyer


She was there, of course, to see the marriage between Victoria’s Secret supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her billionaire husband break up. After all, she was the other woman.
The platinum-haired ex-lover of the billionaire had a year-and-a-half long affair with him and when it comes to the inevitable child custody battle, she has already thrown her lot in with Stephanie Seymour, rather than the man she had the affair with. “I don’t know how Stephanie lived with this man for so many years,” she told a New York Family Lawyer. “He was so controlling, I would have emotional breakdowns.”
According to her, the billionaire would go on and on about his wife’s problems, from alleged infidelities to drug abuse. “Every time I saw him, he would say something about her,” said the 24-year-old pinup girl. “He didn’t feel like she was fit to be a mother and said he would keep fighting so she wouldn’t look after the kids.” The billionaire and his wife have three children: two boys aged 16 and 14 and a little 5-year-old girl.
The couple and their lawyers issued a joint statement to New York Family Lawyers: “It is truly sad that this woman is seeking to promote herself in such a shameless manner … Her account is full of untruths, and she is exaggerating any role she had in our lives. She is totally irrelevant to us and our family.”
The end of a marriage is never a pleasant experience. A steady presence is required to help navigate the legal problems. A New York Family Attorney provides that presence. No one can make the process less painful, but a New York Family Attorney can, at least, bring about a swift resolution that keeps your interests in mind at all times.

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