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Strahan,s wife alleged abuse in divorce


The Strahans, Michael and Jean are involved in a messy divorce. Adultery and domestic violence have been implied and the case will be bitterly fought.

The NY Giants Pro Bowler was accused of harassment by his wife and they appeared in court in New Jersey. The charge, however was dismissed by the court.
Jean did testify that she was attacked many times by Michael in the past. The testimony was accompanied by many tears.

Michael denied the abuse charges but had nothing to say later. He filed for divorce Monday.

The couple has had disputes about money and these led to the arguments which sometimes became heated. One time Michael found a large amount of money being transferred by his wife and he became incensed. Jean said that this led to physical attacks and such things as Michael destroying her credit cards.

Even though no police reports exist, Jean says that there were many instances of violence on her husband’s part during their marriage.

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The Strahans have two children, twins, and are under court orders to remain away from each other as the divorce goes forward.

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