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A new law would require counseling before be granted a divorce


There has been a lot of debate concerning this new law that would require couples to get professional counseling before being allowed a legal divorce. There would be a few exceptions to this new rule. Domestic abuse would be one of the exceptions, according to a New York Family Lawyer. People are upset and they don’t want the government to have the right to get that involved in their marriages.

About half of all marriages end in divorce and some law makers are doing their best to lower that number. Once divorced, if you remarry that percentage of divorce goes well over fifty percent.
Vince Lindgren stated, “Coming to a marriage counselor can give them some ideas about things that they haven’t thought about that they can start thinking about breaking some patterns that might be destructive.”
But he even thinks this should be corrected another way.
Lindgren added, “If people are at the point where they are actually going to see a lawyer and actually filing papers, most of them are at the point where they’ve decided to move on and they would be just putting in the time.”
A lot of people are speaking up against this bill, according to a New York Family Lawyer. People all over the area have said this bill will step all over their rights.
“There might be kids involved and property, anything, there’s just too many things involved. If someone found a new mate, what are you going to do? That is just called life,” explained John Brekke. John believes that it’s too complicated of an issue to just make ever go to counselor and try to work it out.
“It’s an intrusion upon private rights. One should be able to make the decision themselves,” believes John Mahan. This man very clearly doesn’t want the government involved any more than absolutely necessary. Divorces in New York City and Nassau County should be handled by NY Lawyers.
Of course not everyone is against this new bill. Some believe that this could bring some much needed help in the lives of people who could work out their problems if they put in a little effort and this would greatly help benefit children that are involved.
Karen Vosburg concluded, “If people don’t want to live together, maybe they shouldn’t have to anyways, but I do think counseling helps.”

So if you need help standing up for your legal and family rights than contact a New York Family Attorney. Laws are changing. A NYC Family Attorney can give you the legal guidance you need.

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