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Jury finds man guilty after he killed a young child while driving under the influence of alcohol,


A man and his girlfriend made a crucial and deadly mistake when they made the decision to let the man drive her young son home after she was arrested one evening, revealed a New York City Family Lawyer. In Manhattan and Long Island this crime is considered the ultimate in Child Abuse.
After his girlfriend left with police, the drunken man got behind the wheel, and shortly after while driving too fast, he hit a tree, slammed into a cyclone fence and killed the 5-year-old boy who was in the back seat.
When police arrived on the scene the boy was already dead and after some testing, they concluded the man’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.
The drunken man claimed he had been forced by police to drive the car after his girlfriend was arrested. Both he and the girlfriend maintain that they had begged the officers not to let him drive the boy and not to arrest her.
In addition, the man was driving on a suspended license and stated in court reports that his girlfriend was his designated driver. His attorney argued that the case was one of “entrapment and necessity” and that again the man was forced behind the wheel by police officers and that they had threatened to arrest him if he didn’t follow his direction. .
In a statement the girlfriend said, “I told the police three different times that he was drunk and begged them not to let him drive. They didn’t want to believe me and now my boy is dead.”
A N York Family Lawyer pointed out that court reports indicated inconsistent statements from both clients and that most likely his verdict came in quickly due to the inconsistencies. She said to the jury, “Don’t forget the testimony we have from a security supervisor at the hospital.”
This basically reminded the jury that although the woman claimed she had begged the officers not to let her boyfriend drive, she admitted to the security officer at the hospital that she had done the opposite. She had begged the officers to let the man drive her son home.
The guilty man in the case could not be reached for comment and it is unclear when his sentencing will be announced at this time. The mother, who lost her son to this tragedy, declined to comment on the case and is currently expected to be serving time for other crimes unrelated to this case.

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