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Another Hollywood Marriage Bites the Dust


Friday, January the 28st 2011 marked the end of a marriage made in Hollywood heaven, said a New York Family Lawyer with inside information. Actress Eva Longoria and her NBA superstar husband Tony Parker terminated their three-year marriage in a courtroom in Texas late last week.

Although anyone who has been following the media storm over the last few weeks which has surrounded the couple knows that the split occurred as a result of Parker’s now infamous infidelity, the divorce petition Longoria submitted to the court flagged irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. In Long Island and Westchester County, divorce cases are handled in a similar way.

Ironically, the state that brought them together was also the state where the storybook marriage came to a dramatic close following Parker’s extramarital tryst. Longoria, who is originally from the Texas town of Corpus Christie, fell for Parker, who is one of the star players for the San Antonio Spurs. On the mend after her painful divorce from Tyler Christopher (of General Hospital fame) in 2004, she fell for Parker. They were married midyear in 2007. The New York Family Lawyer we spoke with said it is not uncommon in the wake of a divorce for unhitched couples to go back to their roots to seek comfort and safety; likely one of the reasons Longoria became involved with Parker.

Fortunately, the couple has the foresight to sign a prenuptial agreement, so the division of assets leaves little to be decided- although Longoria did petition the court for spousal support.

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