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Billionaire Does Not Have to Pay More to Adult Children, NYC Family Lawyer Reports


A Los Angeles billionaire has been allowed to hold on to the rest of his money, thanks to a jury, a New York Family Lawyer has learned. It has been ruled that he does not owe his two adult children, a 22-year-old daughter, and an 18-year-old son, any more money. The children were hoping to get retroactive child support of $400,000 a month each. It was their assertion that the out-of-court payments their father had made to their mother were well below what a family court might have ordered.
The billionaire, a very private man, was forced to watch as his private life, including his children, his former girlfriend, and even former attorneys all were displayed in court, according to a New York Family Lawyer.
The case against him presented him as an absentee father who never attended in any important events in family life, not even being present when his children were born. Questions arose about such intensely personal things as love notes, sleepovers, and his preferences in contraception.
Many expected the billionaire to settle in order to avoid all the attention, but his attorneys were certain he would win out. The jury decided in less than three hours, 9 to 3, to decide in the billionaire’s favor. He will continue to pay for his children’s education until they are 25, a New York Family Lawyer has learned.
Family matters can be painful, especially when it comes to the point of invoking legal procedures. These circumstances are just the time you need a New York Family Lawyer. You need someone who knows the law, someone who can represent you in court, and there is no one better for this purpose than a New York Family Attorney.

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