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Dad Left Child Alone with Loaded Weapon


Police have recently charged a man in a worrying case where he left his child alone with a loaded weapon. The man went out and is alleged to of left his five year old daughter alone in the house with a loaded gun explains a New York Family Lawyer. This left his child in extreme danger of being killed, or injured.
While adults will understand that these weapons are dangerous and should not be touched, Children will not. A 5 year old child would not know that the gun wasn’t a toy which is what makes the case even more dangerous.
The 44 year old man was arrested for operating machinery under the influence. The arrest was made during the early evening of March 19th. The Police report has since been obtained by the NYC Family Lawyer.
The police department visited the home of the accused man at 1:09 am. They found the young five year old girl by herself asleep. The girl had obviously gotten herself ready for bed and gone to sleep, which is something her father should have done. This father simply doesn’t deserve to be a dad. Cases like this are taken very seriously in New York City and Queens.
When asked where her father was, she explained that she didn’t know. It is thought that this is a common occurrence in the household and that this is not unusual. The young girl was looked after by the Police until the parents were finally tracked down.
A search of the premises by police discovered two handguns, both of which were loaded and could of killed or wounded. It’s important that this kind of thing is not allowed to happen again. Five year old children should never be left home alone anyway, even if there aren’t any loaded weapons in the house.
Parents should have a good understanding of how to look after children with their best interests in mind. In this case, the father’s instincts were lacking. It’s fortunate that nothing worse happened whilst this child was left home alone. The police department could of quite easily made a much more gruesome and distressing discovery if things were different.

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