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McCartney divorce judge berates Mills-a N.Y. Family Attorney can protect you


Heather Mills was taken to task for her behavior in the divorce hearings with Paul McCartney. The judge said her testimony was “inconsistent and inaccurate.”

The judge said that she was not very impressive as a witness and this is something that Mills did not want publicized.

On the other hand, the judge said that McCartney handled himself in an admirable way during the six-day hearing.

The ex Beatle is coming off a divorce after losing his wife, Linda, to Cancer a few years ago.

If a divorce has become part of your life, you will require a New York Family Lawyer to represent you. What will undoubtedly be involved are such issues as visitation, joint custody and full custody. A skilled and professional attorney will give you the best chance of coming through a difficult time with results you can live with. New York Family Attorneys in The Bronx and Manhattan pay attention to cases like this for precedent.

Mills and McCartney have a daughter together but child abuse and neglect are not at issue here so, no order of protection has been put into effect.

Their daughter is Beatrice, aged four.

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