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Divorce Hearing in Judge’s Chambers Ends in Brutal Attack


A New York Family Lawyer reports on a brutal attack that took place in judge’s chambers. An ex-Marine and his wife, also a former Marine, were meeting in judge’s chambers for their final divorce hearing when the husband viciously and ‘without provocation’ attacked his wife. The attack resulted in extensive facial and head trauma.
Authorities rushed the 23-year old woman to the hospital where she, bruised and swollen, was listed as ‘in stable condition,’ but because of the worry of a head injury, she had to be kept overnight in the intensive care unit for observation. She sustained a facial fracture, torn lip, and broken nose.
Her husband, the attacker, had to be subdued with a stun gun and is being held in the local jail on the charges of felony battery, domestic violence and resisting arrest without violence, according to police reports.
A New York Family Law Office pieced together what happened according to the eye witness accounts and police reports. The husband, who was without a lawyer, balked at having to pay child support, and he was incensed that a judge would tell him when he could and couldn’t visit his children. He was so flustered that he stormed out of the chamber. When he returned, he shouted something about refusing to comply with the orders and left again. The third time the man returned to the office, he raced directly toward his wife, grabbed her by the neck, and began beating her with closed fists on the side of her face. The first blow reportedly knocked her out.
As the woman’s attorney wrapped his arms around the crazed man until deputies arrived, the beaten woman collapsed in the courtroom clerk’s arms and a pool of her blood began forming near the judge’s chair. When deputies tried to arrest the man, he resisted until they eventually had to shock him twice with a stun gun to pin him to the judge’s conference table.
The woman’s attorney described the attack as “unexpected” and “surreal.” He goes on to report that “he was punching with a true vengeance.”
Another witness said, “I’m in shock and disbelief. I didn’t think anybody could take it to that extreme, much less in a judge’s chambers at that. Words, to be honest with you, could not describe what went on.”

New York Family Law Practitioners know that when families fracture, emotions can run high. While hearts are breaking, hard choices must be made, and those choices often involve young children. If you or someone you know is hurting and is in need, contact a New York Family Law Attorney as soon as possible.

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