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Actor Michael C. Hall to Divorce Wife

At least he didn’t kill her. Star of the hit TV Show DEXTER, Michael C. Hall has filed for divorce from his soon to be former wife, Jennifer Carpenter, said a New York Family Law Lawyer. The two had been married for roughly two years. The split was said to be amicable, with both sides releasing their own press releases. It has been consistent that each press release noted that the two still cared for one another, that they would always be friends, but that they had simply grown apart over the years.

One potential source of strain may have been Hall himself, reports a person close to the situation. The famed actor, who portrays a vicious serial killer on TV, has battled cancer for the past few years. He is reportedly finally clear and free of the disease, having completed treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma earlier in two thousand and ten. A NY City Family Law Lawyer noted that often times it is difficult for a marriage to survive such an ordeal. While the couple typically stays together throughout the difficult period of time, the strain is so much that it damages the love in the long run. There is no report this was the case with Hall and Carpenter, however.

The TV Show DEXTER stars Hall as a serial killer who kills other serial killers. He satisfies his violent urges by only killing the guilty. It is a hit for SHOWTIME and seen all over in places like Brooklyn and Suffolk County.

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