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Doodling On Your Desk Calls for Legal Intervention

One little girl, doodling on her desk as many children are, found herself in a heap of trouble. She was a good student, rarely absent and was merely leaving her mark with an erasable marker on her desk. Apparently she was waiting on the teacher to hand out an assignment and boredom led her to leave a message on her desk. She figured she would be forced to clean up the marking on her desk but never dreamed she was going to find herself in jail for such a minor offense.

Arresting youngsters for minor infractions seems to be the norm in Queens as another 13-year-old was arrested for writing “Okay” on her desk. And, a 5-year-old was sent to a psych ward after throwing a temper tantrum, as five-year-olds seem to do on occasion. And now the various schools will answer to a court. The girl doodling while waiting on an assignment has been throwing up and is obviously distressed by the situation. She is still suspended from school and was given eight hours of community service, a book report and an essay on what she learned from the experience, according to a New York Family Lawyer.

This is one situation in a series of small infractions where children are being forced into realization in what seems like a bit of over-kill. And, her family will most likely seek counsel from a family lawyer or one specializing in cases where someone has suffered from what is seemingly an extremely minor and senseless use of the legal system.

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