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Huff-Po Opens Divorce Section, says New York Family Lawyer

The Huffington Post, one of the internet’s many liberal blog hosting websites, has announced a new Divorce Section to be featured on its webpage, said a New York Family Lawyer. The section will probably focus on celebrity divorces. At first, the site sounds like a good idea, as divorce is a reality in life and a helpful hint or two can go along way for the average person. But the site quickly indicates that it is almost taking joy in divorce, mentioning that “Divorce is Forever” while marriage is not, noted a New York Family Lawyer. The site also makes light of the pain of divorce, indicating that her freedom is worth his finally being happy. The host, Nora Ephron, seems to delight in divorce, said a New York Family Lawyer. Ephron had a high profile divorce, leaving the famed reported Carl Bernstein, and has been the author behind a number of successful movies, including When Harry Met Sally, said a New York Family Lawyer.

Most likely, the site will devolve into yet another trash internet celebrity site. It will continue to celebrate the destruction of all that was once good and replacing it with … nothing, notes a New York Family Lawyer. Ephron will likely not care at all what she’s doing, so long as she makes another buck exploiting her name, and the Huffington Post won’t care so long as people keep clicking the links. The site just made it’s first profit after five years of being in the red. The sad reality of the internet keeps expanding.

Divorce is real and painful and not something to be taken lightly. If you’re going through a divorce contact a New York Family Attorney to protect your rights.

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