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Lesbian Woman Gets Custody of Child

Lesbians, children, abduction, a turn to the Lord, and kidnapping – it sounds like the plot of a movie but it is real life. A Vermont judge has given full custody of a child to a lesbian woman. The problem is the woman doesn’t have physical custody of the child, said a New York Family Lawyer. The entire tale began several years ago. Two women were entered into a civil union in Vermont. They loved one another and then adopted a child together. Everything was OK until they divorced. The reason? One of the women decided she was now straight, renounced homosexuality, and became a born again Evangelical Christian. She was awarded custody of the child, with the understanding that the still-gay Lesbian woman retain visitation rights, said a New York Family Lawyer. The now straight, but once gay, woman ran off with the child and refused her former lover and still gay woman any visitation with the child. The straight woman had no legal authority to deny the gay woman visitation rights, said a judge to a New York Family Lawyer.

This issue mirrors the struggle that many men have faced for years, where a woman is give custody of a child and decides she and she alone knows what is best for the kid. But, this is the real world and the court’s orders will be obeyed. For now, the former gay now straight woman will have the child but as soon as she is found the child will be turned over to the former gay and still gay woman.

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