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Jesse James Maintains Custody of Child


In what must surely come as a shock to one and all – a surprise on the level of the Trojan horse itself – Jesse James (the ex husband of Oscar Winning Actress, and America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock) had to stop his other ex-wife from having any contact with their children, said a New York Family Lawyer. James’ other ex-wife is also an actress: an adult film star with numerous pornographic film credits to her name. James claims that the woman threatened to abduct the child. That was too much for James to handle and he cut off her court ordered visitation rights, reports a New York Family Lawyer. However, the two sides have since worked out a temporary deal where upon the woman would have a temporary visitation plan. The two sides will then meet again in court in a month to work out a more substantial and lasting plan, notes a New York Family Lawyer.

The two had a previous plan in place but it was modified by the court after the ex-wife/porn star was arrested on tax evasion charges and sentenced to jail, says a New York Family Lawyer.

James had a rather public breakup with Bullock after she believed he was unfaithful to her. He has since been romantically linked to tattoo artist Kat Von D, who stars on a reality show.

The ex-wife and porn star had sent an EMail to James’ relatives begging them to help her abscond with the child, reports a New York Family Lawyer. She wanted to run away and spend the rest of her life with the child. James claims that the porn star has been harassing him and his family and everyone else she can and is unstable, says a New York Family Lawyer. He says that she has been contacting the child’s school in an effort to cause a scene.

Custody battles over children are messy and emotional and often times require the skilled hand of a New York Family Attorney. If you find yourself in such a situation contact a New York Family Attorney immediately.

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