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Judge denies woman the rights to half of her husband’s virtual assets,


Technology and gaming has come a long way in the last few years. It is ironic that people will spend real world money to acquire virtual world goods, as in things that do not really exist. People who take their gaming life seriously place an extreme amount of value on virtual acquisitions, even though realistically they have no monetary value, reports a New York Family Lawyer. 

Now the two worlds have collided, as a married couple who is seeking divorce have begun arguing over, in all seriousness, virtual assets, such as points, levels achieved in the various games that they play online, keys to virtual castles and perhaps even virtual plants, tells the New York Family Lawyer. While it may seem ridiculous to haggle over who gets the virtual dog, apparently such arguments are necessary when two gaming geeks go at it. 

Reports by the New York Family Lawyer follow the case of this couple who actually took the argument to court. When the couple married, all of the virtual accounts for the games that they played together were put into the husband’s name. The couple must have amassed a veritable illusory fortune in gold nuggets and healing crystals; enough that the woman was not about to start over in her quests and begin at point zero once the marriage had been dissolved. The judge ruled in favor of the husband, and the wife, who in all honesty was going after an intangible nothing to begin with, will get exactly that. It makes the case for keeping ones gaming accounts separate in instances where such a dispute could become an issue in the future. 

Division of assets after a divorce can be a tedious process.

A New York Family Attorney can assist in the amicable and fair distribution of assets once a marriage has been dissolved. Call a reputable New York Family Attorney today if separation or divorce is becoming a factor in your marriage.

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