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Mel Gibson Charges On Despite Impediments With New Movie Release

Mel Gibson has a new movie coming out soon. The film is called The Beaver and will be in theaters on April 8 barring any further complications, according to a New York Family Lawyer that close to the scene. Gibson has been plagued by drama and heartbreak in his real life situation, fighting for custody of his baby Lucia and engrossed in an emotionally challenging legal debacle. These very public battles recently earned him a great deal of unwanted publicity as tapes of admitted physical abuse toward his then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva began to surface. This drama has put the movie on hold on a number of occasions.

Tensions have risen between the estranged couple, sources revealed to the New York Family Lawyer. Neither one is talking to the other one and the process is admittedly a slow one. There is no doubt that the best interests of baby Lucia will be honored and that the situation will eventually be resolved, disappearing under the well worn rug of public spectacle and settling like dust into the memories of millions of fans who will no doubt be .

Ironically, the new movie mirrors some of the events that have given Gibson such grief recently, according to the New York Family Lawyer. Directed by Jodie Foster, The Beaver stars Gibson as a man with many issues and worries. His troubles are emotional, familial troubles that seem to become more controllable with the uneasy help of his very strange friend, a puppet that he wears on his hand. We haven’t seen Gibson as a crazy man in a while, at least not in the movies. Perhaps this will be interesting.

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