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New Jersey Man Recalls Heartbreak and Joy in Book About Five Year Custody Battle, According to a NYC Family Lawyer


There is a lot to be said for dedication and perseverance, according to a New York Family Lawyer. David Goldman is the king of perseverance and dedication in many ways. Back in 2004 his girlfriend took their then 4 year old son Sean to Brazil for what was supposed to be a vacation to visit her parents.

Once they got there, Goldman’s girlfriend broke up with him and said that she was staying in Brazil with their son, effectively disconnecting contact from Goldman with the most important person in his life, reports the New York Family Lawyer. Goldman was not going to be deterred. Bravely and against all odds, he filed for custody and fought for his son for five long years.

Reports that the New York Family Lawyer submitted revealed that even after Goldman’s ex girlfriend died in childbirth in 2008, both the step dad and maternal Grandmother would still not give up the fight for the right to keep Sean. Finally in late 2009, Goldman was elated to win custody of his son, who finally joined him for good.

So what better way to celebrate such a heartwarming victory than to write a book about it? Sources for the publisher say that the book, called “A Father’s Love” will be released in May. The book details the long process that Goldman went through. It is an elaboration of the grief, anger and resentment that he felt after losing his son and the joy in rediscovering him again after five years of absence and separation.

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