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Paul McCartney’s Wife Acting As Own Lawyer-Don’t Imitate Her, Get A New York Divorce Lawyer

Miss Mills is ending her two year relationship for financial reasons, or so it seems. The x-Beatle has been able to hold her off and avoid the long and winding road which will lead to a big pay day for Heather. Paul believes in yesterday. She is thought to have received only a relatively small interim payment. Child abuse and neglect are not at issue here so, no order of protection has been put into effect. Being her own council will enable Mills to question McCartney. This should be very interesting and throw off some high powered fire works.

New York City Family Lawyers as well as those in Manhattan handle these high profile divorces all the time. McCartney seems to be in this situation every few years. Fortunately for him the royalties keep coming in so he can afford the alimony and legal fees.

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